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How Did Judas Die? (MP3 Audio)

The New Testament leaves readers with several very interesting options about the death of the apostle that turned Jesus over to the Romans -- Judas. Dr. Tennison provides some very interesting and informative information about his death.

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Salvation: A Preliminary Statement

The concept of salvation underlying the Greek words SOZO, SOTERIA, SOTER, and related words in the text of the Christian Scriptures may not be the same as the concept attached to the English words “save,” “salvation,” “savior,” and related words. . . The first observation is that the actual CONCEPT of salvation among Christians throughout the centuries is known primarily from answers given to questions ABOUT salvation and not about the meaning or concept of the word itself.


What is the Basis of your Belief?

Well-meaning students of the Bible will spend literally years in the study of the Scriptures by using one of the many available translations. No one to tell these students the significance of such study; and, no one can condemn them for their dedication to the task. Nevertheless, someone must tell them about the pitfalls in studying the Scriptures in this manner.  

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Carrying the Teachings
By Dr. Ike Tennison
“If any one comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into the house or give him any greeting.” (2 John 10)

The first time I really studied (not just read!) this passage, I came away somewhat puzzled. The reason I was puzzled had to do with the words “…does not bring this doctrine….”  How would the person who goes to answer the door know whether or not the person at the door was bringing this doctrine with him or her?  

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Paul “judges” Peter
By Dr. Ike Tennison

According to various English translations of Paul’s remarks made in Greek in Galatians 1:18, Paul went to Jerusalem to “see” or “visit” or “get acquainted with” Peter. There are several Greek words for “see” or “visit” or “get acquainted with,” but the word used in this verse is not one of them. The word used here is what is called ahapax legomenon—which means “something said only once” and, in this case, that means the use of the word in Galatians 1:18 is the only place in the entire New Testament where it is used. What does this word mean?

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