Symbols of Ancient Power

FROM ancient times, people have worn symbols to avert negative energy and interpreted omens as auspicious or warning signs. 

In these modern times, such beliefs might be deemed mere superstition – but you’d be surprised how many people still subscribe to them. Indeed, in metaphysics and prehistoric studies, symbols and omens are regarded as visible signs of an invisible reality. 

I have received many questions from readers about the meaning of scared symbols, how to use them, and how they can benefit an individual. They also ask about omens, especially about what they mean when they occur.  

Symbols act like keys that help an individual to attract a particular energy pattern he or she needs. Such patterns can relate to love, money, relationships, unity, studies, mental power, health, safety, spirituality, and peace of mind. 

How do you choose a symbol? When you see a symbol, you must feel a need to wear or carry it.  

A symbol can be used as long as you want; when you feel it has accomplished its purpose and you no longer need it, you can put it away for future use or pass it on to someone else. 

Symbols that are passed on to several people or down through the generations are viewed as powerful devices. This is because each person using it for the same purpose will enhance the energy it attracts and its effectiveness.  

Symbols and omens are vast and deep subjects; I will try to address some of the issues involved in future columns. 

A reminder: if you want to try any of these symbols, do so with respect and faith.  

The following symbols are used for various purposes and need to be either worn, displayed on the main door of a property, on walls and in vehicles. 

Amma and Sai Baba – The portraits of spiritual gurus Amma and Sai Baba are worn as a symbol by their followers to attract divine blessings and spiritual enlightenment. 

Abracadabra – This ancient phrase was used as a pendant in early days to protect the wearer from unholy spirits and the casting of an evil eye. The letters have to be written in a specific manner to invoke the word’s powers. 

Anchor An auspicious sign that can either be worn or placed on the main door of a house. When used in the latter way, it protects the house from thieves and attracts good luck. 

Arrow – A symbol used for protection against negative energy and unholy spirits. 

Aum A spiritual symbol that can bestow the wearer with prosperity, happiness, success, spiritual solitude, bliss and wisdom. It can be worn around the neck or as a ring by anyone. 

Axe A powerful symbol used for protection and to ward off the evil eye cast on an individual. It should be worn around the neck. 

Bangles Normally used by women; they indicate that the wearer offers to serve selflessly.  

Bells They bestow happiness and success, particularly in relation to an individual’s career, on the wearer. 

Cross An auspicious symbol that provides the wearer with wisdom, happiness, wealth, health and enlightenment.  

Eye The eye signifies wealth, intelligence and power. It is worn for protection and good luck. 

Fish This is an auspicious symbol for prosperity and fame. It can be used by men and women for personal enhancement. 

Heart A popular symbol to enhance love and closeness between two people. Couples are encouraged to use it to reaffirm their ties. 

Horseshoe This is a powerful tool for protection and good luck. A used horseshoe is more effective than a new one. It must not be worn but be hung as an upside-down U shape over the main door.  

Key This indicates liberation and is normally worn by or given to a person turning 21. To remove obstacles and enjoy prosperity, love and health, an individual should wear three keys. 

Ring A perfect circle means infinity. It is worn or exchanged by a couple as a promise when they get married or engaged. It signifies a vow that should be kept for life. 

Serpent Since time immemorial, this symbol has been worn for its healing qualities. It also helps the user to improve his or her wisdom. 

Swastika This is one of the most dominant symbols in Vasthu Sastra. It should be placed on a property’s main door facing outward at eye level to invite in good forces. The swastika provides mind, body and spirit balance and wards against negative energy. 





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