1727 Free Will Baptist Church

I. Group Profile

1. Name - Free Will Baptist Church
2. Year Founded - 1727 - Perquimans County, [North Carolina]
3. Founder - Paul Palmer
A. Date of Birth & Death
B. Place of Founder's Birth
4. Sacred Texts
5. Size of Group
II. History

The Free Will Baptist Church is not a movement which has sprung up within the past few years. History accords a place for this movement as far back as the early seventeenth century. An entire church, consisting of pastor and congregation, came from Wales and settled on the Delaware River on what was known as the Welsh Tract. From this group came several men who preached the Arminian doctrine in contrast to the prevailing Calvinistic doctrine of the day. One of these men, Paul Palmer, is credited with organizing the first Free Will Baptist church in 1727 in Perquimans County, [North Carolina]. The work in the northeast was instituted under the leadership of Benjamin Randall, who organized the first Free Will Baptist Church in that area in New Durham, [New Hampshire], June 30, 1780. The General Conference of Free Will Baptists was organized in 1827.

Today the National Association of Free Will Baptists is the largest group of Arminian Baptists in the world. It is active in all types of Missionary and Educational endeavors, promotes its programs from a centralized headquarters in Antioch, [Tennessee], and maintains active membership in the National Association of Evangelicals. SOURCE

III. Beliefs of Group
IV. Organization








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