1534 Anglican Church

I. Group Profile

1. Name - Anglican Church
2. Year Founded - 1534 England
3. Founder - King Henry VIII
A. Date of Birth & Death
B. Place of Founder's Birth
4. Sacred Texts
5. Size of Group
II. History

In the 1530s, when King Henry VIII wished to obtain a divorce from Queen Catherine of Aragon for not producing a male heir. The Pope would not grant it. After a long campaign to reverse this decision, the King ran out of patience and proclaimed himself Supreme Head of the Church of England and the Church began its separate existence from Rome, although, and this is important, its bishops have been consecrated in unbroken succession from St Peter. Innovative from the first, the new Church simplified the liturgy, ensured it was in English rather than Latin and set it out in a new Book of Common Prayer. (From the website of the Church of England.)

III. Beliefs of Group
IV. Organization





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