Yahweh in the Negev
Dr. L. M. Barré

With the discovery of the Old Negev inscriptions, we are now in a position to find the origins of Yahweh in the Negev. These inscriptions may be found here:


Biblical scholars have long thought that Yahwism was located among the Kenites and Midianites, and that Jethro was a priest of Yahweh.

Note, however, that these Yahwist are not yet Israel as known from the Merneptah Stele. In the 11th century Song of Deborah, Judah is not
mentioned. Only the ten tribes of Israel are named. It was probably during the Saulide or Davidic monarchy that Judah and the other
southern tribes were incorporated into Israel. But as it is, I think that we can now be confident to call them the Shasu Yahwists, who are
in fact attested into the second millenium in Egyptian records and monumental inscriptions.

We have other data from early Yahwistic elements that I describe in the essay kindly posted at this website. Yahweh was a god of war.
His full names is Yahweh Sabaoth which should be translated, I think, "He causes to be armies" or "He musters armies." He did this by being
enthroned on a movable ark throne upon which he sat as he led the armies of the Shasu. This aspect of his warriorhood is seen in the story of the fall of Jericho where the ark is paraded around the city to bring the walls down. This, of course, is a fictional account but it does show how the ark functioned as a throne of the divine warrior. Again, I discuss the evidence for regarding Yahweh as a war god in the essay posted at this website.



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