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BHC Bible Study Course PARASHAT & HAFTARAH Psalms

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2 Kings 8:26 vs. 2 Chronicles 22:2

2 Samuel 24:1 vs 1 Chronicles 21:1

God or Satan

10 Commandments

Aramaic Words in the Bible

Canaanite Gods Mentioned in the Bible


Eve or Hawwah


Genesis 1:1-2:3

Genesis 11

Genesis - A or The?

Genesis of Justice

Genesis Parallels

Genesis - The First Letter

HESED: Mercy or Loyalty

Navigating the Bible


Original Ten Commandments

Weekly Torah Readings


Ruach: Spirit or Wind or ???

Serpent Symbol

Should the
Ten Commandments
Be Displayed on
Public Property?

The Original Ten Commandments

Virgin Birth

Acts 15



Faith - Action or Belief?

First Christ in the Bible

Hanging the Torah

Jesus' Bible


Love of God


Mysterious Eyes



Virgin Birth

Bible Studies on the Web



House of Ussher

Origin of the English Noun Bible

Tools for Bible Study

A Comparison of Narrative Elements
in Ancient Mesopotamian Creation-Flood Stories
With Genesis 1-9*




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