The Power of
Religious Belief Systems

Religious Belief Systems are some of the most powerful and deadly things to ever exist.  
Witness their power!




They caused loving parents to poison their babies in Jonestown.  They caused parents place the lives of their children and themselves in a deadly situation in Waco.  Millions of Americans witnessed the actions of those who believed it was God's will to fly jet airplanes into the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. 

Even though the above examples were the results of different Religious Belief Systems, they also shared something in common: 

"Blind recourse to texts embraced as literal truth" and "the injunction to follow the commandments of God before anything else"


-- sound familiar?  How powerful are these beliefs? 

The Biblical Heritage Center understands the importance of belief systems and the role they play in our lives.  They serve as the foundations for our security, the basis for our values and way of life, and the standards to which we turn when faced with important decisions.  They are primary factors in forming the way we see the world, our realities, the way we relate to one another -- and even the laws that we pass to govern our country.  They are the primary generators that produce trust, distrust, love, and hatred between people and peoples.

Fear, ignorance, incomplete or false information, and the intentional suppression of conflicting or contradicting information by those in authority are the bricks and mortar from which these deadly Religious Belief Systems are built.  They are literally mental prisons, but most of the inmates do not recognize it. 

We can no longer ignore the potential danger of unchecked Religious Belief Systems, which hide behind the phrase -- "it's God will."  Religious Belief Systems can be evaluated and tested -- anyone can learn how to do this if they have access to factual information. 

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