Remembering BHC in Your Estate Planning

It is possible to make a significant future gift in a way that will not affect your world today, but will continue to touch the lives and benefit those who will live after you are gone.  Your gift will help insure that the information and values that you have cherished, and understood the importance of, will be available to future generations.  An estate plan not only divides and distributes property, it can provide security for loved ones, minimize taxes and estate costs and, through a variety of testamentary gifts, create a lasting legacy for the Biblical Heritage Center.  

A Will is often the foundation of a sound estate plan.  No matter what size of estate an individual has, everyone should have a Will. This document allows an individual to control exactly how his or her estate will be managed.  It also takes a great deal of pressure off your loved at the time when they are experiencing such a great loss. 

Without a Will, there is a risk of costly delays in the estate settlement process.  In addition, if a person dies without a Will, the law of the state in which the person lived will determine how his or her estate is divided.  State laws generally provide for distributions to natural or adopted relatives, and provide nothing for friends or favorite charitable organizations.  If there are no relatives, an estate is turned over to the state. 

Wills are not just for single people; married people need Wills to distribute their property according to their wishes.  Although it is possible to pass some property to others through certain types of joint ownership, such as joint tenancy, it still is important to have a Will. 

A generous gift from your estate will help make it possible for the Biblical Heritage Center to be here and work for future generations long after we are all gone.  Consult with the accountant, lawyer, or estate planner of your choice.  It is not something that should be put off until tomorrow.  Instruct that person to make the gift(s) of your to the Biblical Heritage Center, Inc. (a non-profit corporation).  If they have any questions or need addition information, please have them email Jim Myers, Vice President at or write:

Jim Myers
Biblical Heritage Center, Inc.
P. O. Box 79
Cleburne, TX 76033-0079.

You have worked hard all of your life; make sure that your desires and wishes are completely carried out concerning the distribution of the assets that you have earned -- not someone else's.  Your choice will touch the lives of future generations for as long as the Biblical Heritage Center exists.*


* Our goal and plans are to be in the position (with personnel, funding and internet access) to keep the BHC website online for many years into the future.  But BHC cannot guarantee its duration or the duration of its website's availability and online access.

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