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Dr. Ike Tennison - Co-Founder, President & Director

Newton Isaac “Ike” Tennison received his B.A. degree (Greek major and Religion minor) from Baylor University and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees (Classical Languages and Literature) from the University of Texas at Austin.  He has over 19 years of college teaching experience (the University of Texas at Austin, Austin College in Sherman, Texas, Dallas Baptist College, and, the University of Texas at Arlington); 14 years of pastoral experience (6 years for the Joppa Baptist Church in Burnet County, Texas, and 8 years for the First Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Texas); 17 years of federal program experience in programs authorized by the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act and the Job Training Partnership Act; 12 years as a Consultant primarily for employment and training programs at the local, state, and national levels; 8 years in executive positions (Director of Planning and Administrative Services, Fiscal Officer, Dean, Executive Director, Chief Administrative Officer); and, 12 years as a Trustee, Director, and/or Officer of non-profit corporations.  Tennison has written plans, proposals, and policies at the local, state, and national levels and has published articles in several publications.  He is currently President of the Biblical Heritage Center, Inc.

Jim Myers - Co-Founder, Vice President & Director
James Edgar “Jim” Myers, Jr. graduated from the School of Banking of Louisiana State University and worked in banking, investment, and financial consulting.  He was President of the Believer’s Word Center, Inc., which he founded in 1981.  In addition to conducting meetings and study sessions in many places and being Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of several periodicals (Through Their Eyes, Discovering the Bible, Understanding Your Belief System, Teshuvah, The Biblical Analyst, and The Informed Believer), Jim took the time to study Hebrew, Greek, and Linguistics at the University of Texas at Arlington and the Summer Institute of Linguistics.  He received his diploma and ordination from the Word of Faith World Outreach Center.  He then received the Th.D. degree (Biblical Studies) and the Ph.D. degree (Biblical Linguistics) from the Logos University Graduate School.  Jim served as Adjunct Professor of Victory Christian University.  He co-founded the Center for Biblical Analysis, the research and educational division of the Believer’s Word Center, Inc. The work of the Center for Biblical Analysis included research, analysis, and study of the texts of the Scriptures.  Jim developed the Linguistic Method for Biblical Analysis and the Biblical Analyst Certification Program.  He has written many articles for the publications listed above and others as well.  Jim, who currently serves as Vice President of the Biblical Heritage Center, Inc., designed and manages this web site. Read about Jim's journey.

Susan Myers - Secretary-Treasurer & Director
Susan is Jim's wife and Secretary-Treasurer of the Biblical Heritage Center.  She was a co-founder of the Believer's Word Center and the Biblical Heritage Center.  


Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor

Jeff was teaching a class at the Jewish Community Center in Dallas, Texas and Jim enrolled in his class.  He served as the rabbi of  Congregation Beth Torah  in Richardson, Texas for sixteen years prior to becoming the rabbi for Congregation Beth El Binah in Dallas.  Rabbi Leynor is also a police chaplain with the Plano Police Department and a bereavement coordinator and chaplain at Century Hospice in Dallas. In addition he is a registered suicide intervention trainer for the military and police.  

Rabbi Leynor received his education from Rutgers University and The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York.  He has been studying and working with Jim Myers since 1990.  Jeff has written articles for Discovering the Bible and The Informed Believer.

Articles about Rabbi Leynor - Jeffrey Leynor: Losing Weight, Changing Direction; Rabbi Finds Hope in Tragic Loss & Before Rabbi Leynor Became a Rabbi.

Rick Schmitt
Rick works in health education and promotion, as well as  marketing.  He has helped BHC's work in many different areas.  Rick is an important advisor to BHC's work.

Information Network
In addition to those above, BHC works with an expanding network of scholars and independent researchers from which it draws much of this information. 



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